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About Us

Outsource to Outsmart.


At London Outsourced our simple aim is to free up your time so that you can concentrate on the fundamental aspects of your business. We offer support in business development, customer service and a variety of back-office roles.

For a startup or small business, any reduction in overhead lets you shift more revenue and time to focus on your core business needs. Our resources are at your disposal. We handpick the most talented individuals to provide companies with tailored solutions to best suit their size, growth ambition and vision.

We minimize your risk by creating a flexible offshore solution, providing a virtual support team who are highly trained and nurtured to reflect each of our clients’ individual company ethos and brands. With a UK point of contact for peace of mind.


Customer Service
Customer contact, call handling,  secondary sales, customer relations - call it what you want. It’s more effective and cost efficient to maintain an existing customer. 

Services: Customer Service, B2C Sales, Sales Support, Outbound and Inbound Support.
Great for: Product-based Companies, Retail, Banking, Utilities, Insurance and Telecoms.
Business Development
Sales calls are often a matter of numbers; more calls equal more sales and leads. Once the initial outreach has been made, closing the sale can be handled by the business development team.

Services: B2B sales, Appointment setting, cold calling, lead generation, prospecting.
Great for: Agencies, Recruitment, Property, Advertising, Media, Finance, IT and Technology.

What We Do

Back Office
Services: Content moderation, Bookkeeping and billing, virtual assistant, HR, qualifying and screening, email marketing, social media posting, mail out management and other custom back office tasks.
Research and Data
Services: Data Management, Data entry, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Research and compiling.

Why have a Virtual Support Team?

improves Efficiency
Simply, hire as required and scale up according to your need. Adapt it to your company life cycle or during peak seasons to deal with an influx when needed.
Cost Saving
Save yourself a multitude of unnecessary costs, from employment fees, to technology and infrastructure. On average, a company can save up to 74% in operational costs with an offshore virtual employee.
Focus on core activities
Allow your in-house team to focus on core business activity, such as closing business, marketing and maintaining key client relations, building brand awareness and prioritize on adding value.
Risk Sharing
Shift certain responsibilities to your outsource vendor, as specialists, they can plan your risk-mitigating factors and share responsibility for campaigns.
With no expenses spared in providing the most technically advanced equipment, you can track, record and analyse all communication. Advanced reporting tools and call distribution software, ensure every second is well spent.
Using London Outsourced is the only way you can grow your business without incurring infrastructural costs on premises, equipment and hardware. We reduce large upfront cost and diminish the risks involved.
Skilled Resources
Hiring virtually is a great way to diminish costs associated with hiring skilled workers. Using London Outsourced gives you access to a pool of highly skilled, vetted and trained professionals, supplying the talent you need to grow.
Time Zone
Clients can benefit from round-the-clock business operations, meaning you choose whether your virtual team work the same hours as your in-house team, or get the job done while you are closed for the day.
Time is a precious commodity. We can enable you to deliver your product or service with an overall decreased lead-time. Meaning your business can achieve its goals, faster.

The benefits of using London Outsourced:

  • UK Project Managers with London Based Client Relations Team

  • Advanced Technology & Call Distribution Software 

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Weekly Analytics Provided to Continually Improve Consumer Insight

  • Bonuses, Maternity, Sick and Holiday Leave is Covered by Us

  • We Uphold and Promote Fair Trade

How it works

1. Identify

The first and most important step in our process is the "identify" stage. We want to fully understand your business so we can add value in the best possible way. 

2. Targets

What are your goals? Your KPIs and targets? This will help us determine how we get you there.

3. Recruit

We handpick your qualified virtual employee, with the characteristics and qualities to ensure a professional and

cultural match.

4. train

We train on the specifics of your project so they have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Product training will also happen here.

5. Achieve

Hurrah! The task has been completed, achieving the targets you had originally set. Our software allows you to view and monitor all data, giving you invaluable consumer insight helping you even further.

6. Monitor

Monitor your growth. 

We provide you with a "before and after" and show how you are one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Claudia Hutson, Hutson Bespoke

" By far the most transparent and consistent virtual staffing company that we've come across. It was incredibly helpful having someone who could really understand us. "


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