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Our Responsibility

We take our responsibility seriously and focus heavily on bettering the lives of our employees. Here's how:

We support and up hold fair trade by offering more than the average salary compared to other outsourcing companies based in the Philippines. 

We aim to enrich the lives of our employees, not only by paying well but by supporting their growth in education, health and providing them with a great working environment.

BPO's have a very high attrition rate. Our aim is to reverse that, by investing into the education of our staff, training, pension funds and providing social, health and transportation renumeration programmes. 

Our enthusiasm for their futures will indeed retain talent and improve attrition.

Investing in training for the employees of your business positively influences employee performance. Our world class training and resources on offer allow our employees to learn lifelong skills which generates a sense of worth and increased loyalty, resulting in a willingness to work harder to make a difference.

Head Office: London, United Kingdom
Offshore Office: Dagupan City, Philippines