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Case Study #08



The Client

A popular UK Travel agency looking to move its line of work from shop front and Retail to Online, and to further push its overall Online presence.

The Task

To utilize Social Media platforms and create an online presence to increase overall Sales. To assist with marketing and create relevant content to push their brand further.


To also handle customer service and Sales functions.

How we helped

  • We transferred all deals from their retail store onto an online platform.

  • Provided online support on web chat services answering any questions and handling any customer queries.

  • Provided inbound support to assist with travel management and potential customer issues, bookings of flights, accommodation and excursions.

  • Handling the social media sites to further strengthen their online presence.


This is an ongoing contract, and we continue to support the company by updating and reinforcing their online presence. Our client has an estimated saving of 130% and have drastically improved their Sales year on year.